Included Health

Infographic, web banners, and social posts focusing on the healthcare challenges of Black people

I worked closely with a talented illustrator, Josie Portillo, to create characters for the LGBTQ+ brand. The illustrations are to be used on their own and mixed with brand photography.

Examples of illustrative elements combined with photography.

Shown are various web banners (desktop & mobile) as well as posts for social media (ex:Instagram carousel).

This campaign shows Pride being celebrated in personal and everyday moments, not just a party or parade.

I partnered with a talented motion designer, Elliot Matson, to create an explainer video showcasing the brand's services.

Branded informational documents for the LGBTQ+ community

  • Role Visual Designer

  • For A company entrusted to get millions of diverse and marginalized members the highest-quality care

  • Type Print and Digital design

  • URL

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